The Life of a Working Mommy (Of two!)

I am officially back at work. Full-time. I have been back for almost 2 months now.

I hate it.

OK, hate might be a little strong even though it would probably be true if I let it be…because it’s really f*cking hard. Not hard in the sense that my job is hard or anything. Hard because I am away from my babies; hard because they spend more hours in daycare in a week than they do at home. Hard because three is a tough age, and she makes everything 10 times harder than it needs to be, especially when it comes to getting out the door on time. Hard because, man, I am so damn tired…but this has just become a personality trait for the hubs and I anymore, to the point where we make a pot of coffee at 4pm on the weekends just so we can get through the evening and have the energy to have a conversation after the girls go to bed. And this isn’t necessarily hard, but I have to drink 1-2 cups of coffee and a diet pepsi to make it through the day, but IĀ  sit in a desk all day…literally all day, taking phone calls, and all that caffeine keeps me awake but holy crap does it make me twitchy, and I am not usually a twitchy person.

But, as hard as it is and as much as I would rather be home with my babies all day (which is equally as challenging in different ways) I know there is so much good that is and will come from me working full-time. We are certainly on our way to a much better financial standing, which will leads to us being able to purchase our first home. It also means that we will have money to put towards Wandering King and the Velgaran RPG and any other ventures we pursue with Wandering King. It means being able to go spend a chunk of money on winter clothes for the girls and a new carseat for Lilly as we intend to do very soon. It means being able to take the girls to the Zoo without having to plan and save for months (as we also intend to do very soon, cause this kid has been talking about it for a long time!) and it means the ability to fly our family back to Canada every year or two so that our girls can know their Mima and Papa by more than just their cards and gifts and voices on the other end of the phone.

It is tough, but I know it is for the best.

3 Months

Myka is now three months old.

Well, slightly over. She technically hit her 3 month mark 12 days ago but let’s not split a hair. We are getting your three month pictures taken today.

These last few months have been incredibly challenging, enlightening, rewarding, at times a lot of fun and at times really exhausting ( I am so. effing. tired.)

To 3-month-old-Myka:

You are the smiliest (we decided it’s a word) baby I have ever seen. I know that your sister also smiled a lot, but somehow you seem even happier. Maybe it is because your smiles have so much character. Your cheeks take over your entire face making your eyes practically disappearĀ  and you stick your tongue out in the cutest way… I just can’t help but laugh when you do it.

You are a pro at tummy time…you are awesome at lifting your head and chest off the floor, and yet you almost never stay that way for more than 2 minutes as you insist on rolling over.

You suck at sleeping. In comparison to your sister, it’s awful. We got lucky with your big sister who took three hour naps (still does most days) and slept through the night at 2 months old. Most nights you sleep til around 1 and then the amount of time you sleep between feedings decreases until Daddy takes you out to the living room around 5 am and you fall back to sleep together, because for some reason this is the only way you will sleep those last couple hours of the morning. You only sleep longer the first part of the night if you’re swaddled, and yet you break out of that swaddle as soon as you start to wake up. You confuse me. I have no idea what to do with you in the sleep department. I am exhausted.

Oh, and your naps are only an hour, if Im lucky.

Your sister LOVES the crap out of you. She loves to make you smile and laugh and wants so badly for you to be able to play with her. She gives you hugs and kisses at nap time and bedtime every day, with the sweetest, most loving look on her face.

You are desperate to roll from your back to your belly and get mobile. Don’t worry, you’ll get there.

At 3 months old you got your first ear infection, 2 months ahead of your sister.

You figure out how to grab your toes like 3 weeks ago…again about 2 months ahead of your sister. I seriously think you are determined to get moving so you can keep up with her.

You’ve got your Daddy wrapped around your little finger, and he is the best Daddy. He never hesitates to change a diaper or pick you up or do anything else that needs doing (except feeding of course, Mommy has to do that.)

You were tough in the beginning, but now that I know your rhythm you are a pretty easy babe…which is great, because your sister is having a hard time with being three.

Oh, you also drool more than any baby I have ever seen. You chew your hands constantly, and are working on getting your toes in there too.

We love you, our little Chunky Monkey <3

Myka’s Birth Story

Here is sit (for the second time in my life) with an impossibly beautiful and perfect baby girl asleep in front of me. Not only is she impossibly beautiful and perfect but she is OURS. We made this amazing and beautiful little (not so little for a newborn) creature. Somehow the universe saw fit to give us this beautiful little creature and make her perfectly healthy with ten fingers and ten toes. It’s amazing that we did it once, let alone twice.

Shortly after I found out I was pregnant with Myka, Lilly and I were skimming channels one day and naturally I ran across A Baby Story (did not watch this show nearly as much as when I was pregnant with Lilly) and I stopped briefly on it. The woman the episode was about was having a water birth; while my immediate thought was not for a water birth, my heart was suddenly telling me that this birth was going to be different.

When Lilliana was born, I had a pretty much standard labor and delivery. Contractions started and progressed gradually over the 26 hours I was in labor, got my epidural shortly after being admitted to the hospital, and several hours later I pushed three times and out she popped with the cord wrapped around her neck 3 times. While I still loved the whole thing, it was a simple easy birth. I decided this one would be different, and talked to a couple of friends who had had natural births and decided that is what I was going to do. All through my pregnancy I read articles and even got a book about natural childbirth. I hated the book I got, hardly read any of it. But the internet and other peoples experiences were a great source for knowledge that would prepare me for this experience.

Here is Myka’s birth story:

My actual due date was 4/11/13, Myka was born at 5:06am on 4/12/13 weighing in at a whopping 9lbs and 11 oz. Lilly was 7lbs 13.5 oz.


6:00pm roughly: Mom and Dad had taken Lilly for the evening as I was miserable and losing it, so I ran a couple of errands and went home and enjoyed dinner by myself in front of the TV. Around this time I started feeling some mild contractions, (I had been having cramps for the last 3 weeks almost constantly) that were about 10 minutes apart. I tracked them for a bit and then went to get Lilly from my parents house.

8:00pm: Contractions have continued, but weren’t intensifying, so even though I had warned my parents I was have mild contractions, I took Lilly home, got her bathed and into bed. During this time I had also texted my husband that I was having mild contractions, to which his reply was simply a smiley face.

10:30pm: Adrian is home from work, contractions are still 10 minutes apart, not getting anymore intense. We are both of course excited, but not getting our hopes up because Ive been having cramping for what felt like forever. I decide that if I am in early labor, I want to get some sleep while I can, so I go to bed.


2:00am: I wake up and sit up in bed for a bit, only to realize I am no longer having contractions…somewhat frustrated, I go back to sleep.

5:00am: I wake up, still pissed, and decide the contractions were strong enough that I think I can get them started again. So I get out of bed, get dressed and walk around the apartment complex. Come home, sit in bed for a bit and feel a few more contractions

6:00am: Same thing. Another lap. Home. Contractions.

7:00am: Again. Another lap. Home. Contractions…and this time they continued at about every 10 minutes, still the same intensity.

10:30am: I’ve told my husband he is definitely not going to work today, and we’ve decided to take Lilly to the mall to entertain her and to see if we can’t get these contractions moving. They stayed the same intensity.

A brief interlude here, where I mention that my husband has had an odd rash on his back for about 3 days. My initial thought was that it looked like he had rubbed up against a plant or something that he was allergic too. No biggie…it’ll pass…

1:30pm: We’re home from the mall, and I have since texted pictures of Adrian’s odd rash to a family friend who has been an RN for years. Her reaction, “Looks like shingles.” Awesome. So, Adrian heads off to Gilbert ER Hospital down the road to get it looked at pronto. Meanwhile, my contractions are still 10 minutes apart, and the tiniest bit more intense.

2:00pm: Talk to my very eager Mother on the phone to update her on the (lack of) progress on my contractions. I tell her if this is still going on tomorrow morning I am going to go into the midwives and get my membranes swept again to see if we can get this ball rolling cause I have about had it. She suggests calling now. I take her suggestion and manage to get a 4pm appointment.

3:30pm: Adrian is back and we have indeed confirmed that he has shingles. The rash luckily hasn’t spread far and is only on a small spot on his back and side, but the poor thing is very uncomfortable. Now he’s got 5 days of antiviral and trimodal to ease the pain.

4:00pm: I get checked at the Doctor to find that my cervix (sorry guys, but if you’re reading this then you know there would be some of this stuff in here) has made a whole 1cm of progress since I was checked on Monday 4/8. 1cm. I was pretty peeved, feeling like all that damn contracting wasn’t doing squat and I was going to be in labor for FOREVER. However, the midwife stripped my membranes and sent me on my way.

5:00pm: Oh hey…that contraction almost hurt…

6:00pm: We decide Lilly is going to Grammy and Papa’s tonight because my contractions are now 7 minutes apart. We eat a quick dinner and Adrian gives Lilly a bath and takes her to Grammy and Papa’s.

7:00pm: Oh wow, those last two were 4 minutes apart…

7:45pm: My big brother whom I am have been texting all day conveniently calls about 2 seconds after a contraction passes. At this point the house is dark, we have the TV on, my cell phone is sitting on the couch with my contraction timer app up, and I am positioned to lean over the couch every 3 minutes as Adrian rubs my back. My brother is clearly excited, wishes me luck, and reminds me to send him a picture (like I could forget.)

8:00pm: Ooook these are getting more intense and are 3 minutes apart. Let’s get to the hospital!

8:15pm: (roughly) We are in Labor and Delivery triage, and my nurse Corrina is asking all her questions and then checks my cervix. I’m sorry…I’m at 3 1/2? You mean to tell me that these last few hours have done practically nothing?!

8:30pm: Oh by the way, my husband has shingles. We are sent to triage in an “Isolation” room which basically means there are two doors into the room and everyone comes in in a gown and mask.

9:30pm (Im guessing roughly here, I honestly dont remember exactly): I’ve been walking our triage/isolation room for an hour to find that my cervix is now at 4cm…so I’ve made mild progress. Corrina and my midwife decide Id better be triaged for another hour to see what kind of progress Im making because my contractions are so close together; 2-3minutes.

10:30pm After a half hour rotating myself under the hot water in the shower and using the handicap bars to make it through my contractions instead of my husbands hand, I am dilated to 5cm! Thank goodness, some progress. So we are admitted to the hospital and are told we are staying in our little isolation room for Labor and Delivery.

Everything gets a little blurrier after this point. While I remember it all, it was basically a lot a lot a lot of laboring. After finding I was only 5cm my nurse began working on finding me a labor tub. Took probably an hour to get the tub brought into the room, and at least that long again to get it 1/3 or so of the way filled up with hot water. Once it has enough water in it that it looked so inviting I couldn’t wait for anymore, I got in and was thrilled at how much relief it provided and how much it eased what were very strong contractions.

Through this whole thing my husband has stepped away from my side only briefly to take his medication for his shingles and to pee. Other than that he was by my side every moment holding my hands, rubbing my back, talking to me and making this even possible. I know for a fact delivering Myka 100% naturally would not have been possible without him.

1/1:30am: Im thinking it was about this time that I actually got into the bathtub. Adrian sat on a tiny little stool outside the tub, holding my hand. I know I dozed between contractions because the hot water just felt that good. We watched TV and talked between contractions when I wasn’t falling asleep. My midwife Ramona checked me twice while in the tub, once I think I was at 6, and later I was at 8.

I don’t remember the times I got checked, but I do remember that after Ramona saying I was at 8, that we could break my water and see if it would get things going. I said yes, I was ready to be done with labor. So, I got out of the tub.

3:52am: Ramona broke my water, which was a very strange feeling. I remember this time only because somewhere in the commotion after Myka was born I remember Corrina asking Ramona what the time was as she added it to my chart.

After that point, I remember screaming. A lot. Basically until Myka was actually born, I screamed. The team raised the bed and piled pillows so I could lean on it through contractions, my husband was rubbing my back and trying to get me to sway my hips as per Ramona’s instruction. I screamed, and I shook, and I tried to breath through the contractions but there was no time between them and I felt like I was being ripped in half, so breathing was incredibly difficult to focus on. At some point in there Ramona checked me and I was at 9 and Myka’s head was almost all the way down, so they lowered the bed and had me lay down, all the while I am still screaming through contractions. I could tell everyone was moving around but all I was aware of the contractions, my husbands hands trying to help me as much as he could, and then they shoved a “peanut” between my knees to help her head move down and I was in even more pain. I don’t think my eyes opened at all during this last part…possibly briefly as I got back into the bed. I don’t think the peanut ball was between my legs for long, when Ramona checked my again. All I heard was “All right, lets have a baby already.” and I said “Thank god” as everyone rolled me onto my back.

Not even quite my back…not the clinical stiff lithotomy position with the feet in the stirrups like you always see in movies. I was half on my back and Ramona was telling me to push the next time I felt a contraction, which didn’t take long. So I pushed, and yelled and screamed. My husband says I gave probably 6-8 pushes before Myka came out and my body was flooded with relief.

And suddenly there she was. She was on my stomach and after a moment she cried, and I was in shock at this little thing on my chest. I’m not even sure what I noticed first, but I think it was her fingers. So long and slender…then I was vaguely worried that she was kind of blue, but she was crying and the nurse that began clearing her nose and mouth assured me she was fine and gave her a little oxygen. I found my husband face and even though he was wearing a mask I could see his smile, at me, and at Myka.

After that I was vaguely aware that I was shaking but I couldn’t focus on anything but the little face in front of me. Dark hair, just like her big sister but significantly less. Same nose as Lilly, but aside from that completely different features.

Plenty more happened after that, all the other stuff that comes with having a baby and then a bit later they weighed her and I didn’t believe the scale when I first saw that she was 9lbs 11.4 oz. She was handed to me and I hooked her up and she ate like a champ, and then I just got to hold her. After all of that there were shift changes happening and my delivery nurse Corrina was gone, and the nursery nurse who was there for her delivery was gone and new nurses came in. The room was cleared of everything from the delivery and the air was light and conversational as they gave her her bath and she was handed back to us again fresh and clean.

And now we are home…she is officially 3 days old, continuing to eat extremely well, and sleep like a newborn.

I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to accomplish what I set out to in having a completely natural labor and delivery…but I am definitely proud of myself for being able to make it through that experience and delivery a healthy, beautiful little baby girl.

Big Girl Bedtime

So, you’ve seen my Facebook posts this week about Lilly’s bedtime.

We’re calling it “Big Girl Bedtime,” and basically the only thing that is changing in our routine is that after do books and songs and hugs and kisses, rather than Mommy or Daddy sitting in the arm chair in Lilly’s room until she falls asleep…we don’t. This change is purely for the purpose of teaching Lilly to fall asleep without Mommy or Daddy in the room, and so far, it has worked wonderfully. (Now, it has only been 4 days, but everyday has been an improvement on the previous.)

Part of the reason for this change is basically that after 6 months of being in a big girl bed (when this started…before that she was literally the easiest baby/kid to get to sleep. Tell her it’s bedtime, hug and kiss, plop in the crib and she was out without a peep,) we feel like it has gone beyond her actually needing us there, and progressed into she just likes it and has taken it to the extreme. She has really been pushing limits the last couple of months, and hugely prego Mommy has lost her patience.

Also, there’s the fact that Mommy is hugely prego. Myka is due in just over 3 weeks, and I could just be hoping but I’m pretty certain she ain’t stayin’ in that long. Adrian will be home for two wonderful weeks after she is born (so wonderful, he was back at work the day after we got home from the hospital with Lilly) which will be so much help, but after that he will continue to be gone from 11:30 to 10 everyday, and I don’t love the idea of doing hour plus long bedtime with a newborn.

Tonight was a particularly sweet bedtime routine, nothing completely out of the ordinary, just sweet. Lilly asked to read Purplicious; she loves Pinkalicious also, and hearing a 2 1/2 year old say those titles is adorable in itself. We read, and Lilly decided she didn’t want me to sing tonight, which has been happening more lately. Rather, she asked to sing to baby sister. She sang Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star and Baa Baa Black Sheep to my bare belly, and then collapsed against me and gave me a hug and told me she loved me…something she is very good at saying. I am so proud to say if we have taught her nothing else we have taught her to be loving and affectionate. We had a good chat about how she is going to help Mommy with baby sister, and after more hugs and kisses she laid down. She only got up twice tonight, which is our best record between nap time and bedtime so far.

We’ve had bedtime happen this same way many times, bedtimes that just go well and smooth and we have good conversations and everything, but tonight I couldn’t help but think about how the time with just Mommy and Lilly is coming to an end. We have our rough days but they never trump the good ones. She is such a beautiful little creature and so full of life and love and laughter and I am so lucky to get to be her Mommy. I can’t wait to see what a wonderful big sister she will be.

Three Wonderful Years

It’s pretty crazy to think that in two days, Adrian and I will have been married for 3 whole years. 3 years people.

It’s partly crazy to think about, because I’m currently 22. Not a lot of 22 year olds have been married for 3 years, but as most of you know our story, you know our circumstances are different than most.

A lot has happened in 3 years. We got married, immediately started paperwork for Adrian’s green card which we received just a couple of weeks before our first daughter was born. Then came our Lilliana, our sweet, perfect little girl who continues to astound and entertain us (she’s freakin’ HIGH-larious people.) And in that time there has been school, job changes, we moved out of my parents house, and what seems like a million other things.

At this point, our three year anniversary, we are living in that same apartment, our Lilliana is thriving and intelligent and funny and just all around wonderful, and I am currently 6 weeks away from my due date with our second daughter, Myka.

Though we’ve had some tough moments (I’m sure my husband would tell you I have made them more than what we were, since I tend to become a mad ball of stress for a few days before I relax) but they have all been caused by elements outside the relationship between the two of us, and by that I mean that they are normal problems that everyone has, never any problem between the two of us.

For that I am so grateful…though we were living together for several months before I got pregnant and we got married, it’s always been in the back of my mind that that could have been a fluke, a honeymoon period and that a couple months later we could’ve realize our relationship wasn’t going to work.

Not at all. While there may be times I want to wring my husband’s neck (not really…maybe…) I am so thankful that we have never had any reason to actually fight. Sure we’ve had minor arguments because we are two of the most stubborn people in the world, but not once in our marriage or relationship have we ever actually fought with each other. We just get along. We work together to be good parents and take care of each other and we have fun, most of all we have fun, with Lilly and with each other. I don’t think our relationship would survive if we didn’t, I don’t think any relationship can.

I feel so lucky that our marriage has stayed strong after three crazy years. We met online and built a relationship that way, we only spent a matter of days together every few months for a year before he uprooted his life and moved to the desert for me, and that stay ended in pregnancy and marriage. There are probably a million points in that timeline where things could have gone horribly wrong, but they didn’t. Thank god for that. This man is my rock, I’m pretty sure I would become a puddle without him and his stupid jokes to keep me laughing.

Love you, Bug. Here’s to many more happy years ahead.

One of my absolute favorite pictures of us, from our trip back to Canada in September at Boldt Castle.

31 Weeks!

Holy crap. I am officially in the 3rd trimester, and into the last 10 weeks of this pregnancy with baby #2.

I have been stressing a lot lately, mostly about money, but thanks to something I missed on our 2010 tax return we are getting more money back this year (6-8 weeks for a paper check for an amended return…convenient timing!)

I don’t find myself nervous so much for having a second baby, as much as having the baby. By that I mean the actual birth. Lilly’s birth was pretty textbook, with the exception of the mild confusion of whether or not my water had broken (not confusion on my part…the hospital told me it hadn’t, yet when it came time to break my waters right before pushing they weren’t there…told you!) My contractions started at 1am on a Wednesday morning and Lilliana was born at 3:34 Thursday morning. Got my epidural around 6 pm on Wednesday evening, all was good.

BUT this birth I have decided to do unmedicated. Which is scary. Really freaking scary. I have been doing my reading and research and talking to my husband (read that article honey!) about things we should do, how I would like it to go, etc.We haven’t taken our hospital tour yet, that is in a couple of weeks, but from I have been told by my midwife and others, Mercy Gilbert is fantastic for unmedicated births.

I haven’t completely pin-pointed where my desire to have this baby unmedicated came from…I remember when I was about 8 weeks along, right before a Doctor’s appointment I was watching some baby show on TLC, and I just decided that this birth was going to be different. In retrospect, I was not really comfortable during my labor with Lilly, even after I had gotten my epidural. My epidural was evidently too strong, because it knocked out all feeling in my lower half. Normally with an epidural you should be able to move your legs, feel the pressure of contractions, etc. I had none of that, it was just all gone. So I got the occasional phantom limb thing where I had an itch or ache that I couldn’t get rid of unless I just completely ignored it…that freaked me out a bit, really did not like it.

I remember within minutes of Lilly being born, after Id held her and she was being cleaned and weighed I asked the nurse when I could get the needles out of my back and hands…I couldn’t stand them being there. Not the pain, that never bothered me…needles don’t really hurt me at all. I just…wanted them OUT.

Unmedicated birth doesn’t just mean no epidural, it means that unless there is medical necessity, I will not be hooked up to any IV’s or needles or anything…and I think for that, I can manage the pain. I want to be able to move and walk through my contractions, to relax in the labor tub (something that helped when I was in labor with Lilly at home) to just do the things I need to do to naturally manage my pain. Sorry babe, there won’t be any napping for you this labor…let’s hope it’s faster than with Lilly!

I’ve also come to the conclusion that I am not only doing this for Myka, but for myself. While I am happy with my husband and daughter and generally happy in my life, I feel like I need to be empowered, and I am looking forward to the feeling I will have after achieving this goal. While I am nervous for Myka’s birth, I am so looking forward to holding the little ball of energy (seriously this baby is either completely asleep or tap dancing on my bladder and using herself as a pin ball between my hips) in my arms.

A Life Update

So, first, the game.

There haven’t been any major developments lately, but we had an art meeting recently with our incredibly talented artists Maddison and Melissa, and I am pleased to say they are coming up with some amazing realizations and ideas for the creatures of the world. It’s astonishing. Adrian and I are severely lacking in artistic ability as far as drawing goes, so it’s great that we (by we I mean Adrian who met half the people he knows while working at Game Daze.) have been able to rope them into our crazy plan.

The other development is that Adrian will no longer be running a Sunday game. For now his schedule with work gives him Wednesdays and Thursdays off, so his Sunday game will now be run by Adam, and Randy will continue running his game as well. While I know Adrian will miss running his game, I think this is a great development. Largely because Adam has been one of the most enthusiastic participants in our test play sessions, and has help in the process of game development as well.

So not only have Adrian’s days off changed, but he is now working 12:30 to 9, so we’ve decided that in another couple of weeks Lilly will no longer be in day care. Without day care and extra gas costs the amount of money I need to make with my job decreases significantly, therefore I will be able to finish my work in the morning (or at least most of it) before Adrian leaved for work.

Which also means I will get to stay home full-time with both of my girls. Yes, we are having another girl! In case you missed the announcement, her name is Myka.

A New Chapter

So, as many of you have probably noticed (if you’re my Facebook friend) is that Friday was my last day with SimonMed. I will now be working from home.

I will be doing Medical Records retrieval for insurance companies from the comfort of my home. Now, that may not seem like a big deal, and by itself it’s not, but for us it is a big development.

First off, this is the type of job that will require some build-up until I am making the same amount of money that I was making at SimonMed, which is a scary prospect because it means money will be tight for a bit, but my wonderful husband gave me the calm confidence that he always does to convince me this is the right move, after much stressing on my part. As usual.

This is a perfect move for us because, while it will be a challenge and a lot of hard work, this change will mean that I am able to stay home with my babies, and will not have to put our three month old in daycare! That is my whole reason for doing this; I can stay home with my babies and still make money to keep us comfortable and happy, and hopefully save up for a down payment for a house (that’s the hope!)

So, I have a new laptop with a beautiful 17” screen, cause my old one was toast and the idea of doing work all day on the hubs Netbook. So here’s to a new chapter, a new step, and making it work for the best for my babies.

And in case you’re curious, we find out the sex on the 9th of November, though I’m pretty confident it’s a boy. And a very active one at that :)

Long Time, No See

So, it’s been a good while since I posted something on here, but there’s been a log going on lately so I thought I would work on catching everyone up.

Actually, on the Velgaran/Wandering King front, not a lot has been happening lately. Games, working on art, etc. Adrian has made some minor changes here and there for the rules/book but nothing major. He did mention today that he is thinking about looking for investors instead of doing a kickstarter. While getting all of the money at once like that would be good, investors usually wants a share in the company, and also with Kickstarter we are getting the product out there right away. We’ll see where it goes…

In the meantime, we have been to Canada and back, and have some exciting news to share with everyone. If you are friends with me on Facebook, you probably saw my post already, if not and you are a random follower (welcome) then you don’t know yet.


We are due April 11, 2013 with Baby Mabee #2!!! We are incredibly thrilled…we’ve both always wanted at least 2 kids, and since Lilly turned one I have been dying to have another baby. Around April or so Adrian finally divulged he really did too. Now, he’s always wanted #2, but I knew he wasn’t quite ready, until one night I could tell his mind changed. So, late may I stopped birth control and we started “trying” and lo and behold, with my fertile self, we found out we were pregnant in mid August. So, that’s our biggest news. I would post the ultrasound picture but I am currently on my netbook because my computer is a total piece of shit anymore…but that’s another issue.

The trip to Canada was wonderful, I will go into more detail in future posts about our ventures…

War Machine

It’s that time of the week again, Saturday, when the hubs goes off to play War Machine just after Lilly goes to bed. As I’ve mentioned before, it’s not big deal for me. I love to spend as much time as possible with my husband, but I know we’re also better off together when we’ve been able to get out and do things separately, and I know he’s especially happy to go tonight because we have extra money this pay period; enough that he can actually add to his army. And on that same note, I was actually able to buy myself clothes today! Can’t remember the last time I bought myself new clothes just because. A very good feeling…nothing exciting, a couple of shirts from Torrid to replace some wardrobe staples which is a chance to talk to Katrina at Super who I always loved working with.

I know this blog is about Wandering King, but we’re in something of a lull right now. Not that there isnothinghappening, it’s just test games right now. The guys haven’t done any R&D in a couple of weeks, but I know Adrian needed a break to recharge a bit, but I get the feeling that will be back in full swing this week. We’re getting close to vacation time and I’m sure Adrian will want to get some work in while he can. Other than that, nothing exciting.

Except! We got a new digital camera tonight; our last one I’ve had for about 5 years and we only ever took out whenever we reaaaalllly wanted too because it really doesn’t work. We decided we wanted a new one for vacation, and we were having some fun with it tonight. Got some good family shots :)